Appetizer & dessert skewers Designed by Guy Savoy & Bruno Moretti for Alessi

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Appetizer & dessert skewers <i>Designed by Guy Savoy & Bruno Moretti for Alessi</i>

A multifunctional object

The appetizer and dessert skewers designed by Bruno Moretti and Guy Savoy and manufactured by Alessi have a unique shape, which imparts it with several multifunctional qualities: the pointed skewer end can be used for presenting aperitifs, starters or even main courses. The opposite end has a spoon-like shape, allowing it to be used for appetizers or desserts. Let your imagination guide you when it comes to thinking of new ways to use these skewers.


The Alessi, Bruno Moretti & Guy Savoy Collaboration

Since the 1970s, the famous Italian company Alessi has been conducting research in the development and optimisation of kitchen utensils. That is why they proposed to collaborate with the Chef Guy Savoy and designer Bruno Moretti. Sharing a common passion, they imagined a collection of simple, aesthetically pleasing designer tableware products named the Human Collection.

They decided to name this line of products the Human Collection because eating is humanity's primary concern whereas a chef’s primary concern is to please their guests. A sketch of a heart was used as a starting point from which this collection’s design flourished. The heart is a beautiful emblem that reflects both a chef's passion for their job and the care and attention they give to their guests, which is then transmitted to each dish they prepare.