Desserts By Guy Savoy and Christian Boudard

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Desserts <i>By Guy Savoy and Christian Boudard</i>

Authors: Guy Savoy...

Guy Savoy was born in a region where people ate well without realizing that they were in fact being gourmand. The people of this town cooked dishes worthy of being labelled fine gastronomy without even realizing it; they knew how to make the most of a modest product. Savoy holds fast to the nostalgic memories from his childhood when as a young boy he was impassioned by food, eagerly awaiting the apple he would eat during recess or the summer’s first strawberries. Today, Guy Savoy weaves inspiration from his past experiences into his work. This cookbook pays a beautiful tribute to Savoy’s enduring passion.

... and Christian Boudard

During his training to become a chef, in order to become a staff member at the Guy Savoy Restaurant Christian Boudard accepted a position as an apprentice pastry chef. Here he discovered fruit-forward desserts and the wide variety of textures and flavors that they can have. This way of working with desserts fascinated him and once he completed his studies he decided to become a pastry chef.