Tout l'oeuf By Guy Savoy and Laurent Solivérès

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Tout l'oeuf <i>By Guy Savoy and Laurent Solivérès</i>

More than just a cookbook

Explore 13 pages written and dedicated to eggs. Then read on to the 99 recipes that all include eggs as an ingredient. Shirred, boiled, scrambled, poached, fried… What other food lends itself to such a wide array of culinary variations better than the egg?

In this exhaustive exploration of a product that we believe we know and use so often that we sometimes forget all its uses, Guy Savoy explores nearly a hundred ways to use the egg, a culinary companion that should stay by your side...

Éditions Télémaque, 189 pages

The recipe for Œufs à la Neige

Watch the video for Valentin Mille’s (Pastry Sous Chef at the RESTAURANT GUY SAVOY) recipe for Œufs à la Neige. This video, along with 9 others, is featured in the book TOUT L'ŒUF, which are accessible through QR codes.