Tarrerias Bonjean


Tarrerias Bonjean: 13th generation cutlers

Tarrerias Bonjean is first and foremost a family business that has managed to preserve its traditional knowledge in the knife-manufacturing field while placing research and development at the heart of its production. Each step of the manufacturing processes used to create its knives - from their design to their production and the choice and treatment of materials - is designed to obtain products of the utmost quality.

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Collaboration with Guy Savoy

The chef Guy Savoy and designer Bruno Moretti share similar goals when it comes to designing tableware. They hope to create simple, harmonious pieces that are extremely precise without compromising the quality of their products or the raw materials used to craft them. That is why they set out to design the ideal knife, which would establish a link between the kitchen and the dining room by providing the restaurant’s guests with objects that are traditionally used by the chef.

It was only natural for Guy Savoy and Bruno Moretti to turn to the historic cutlery company Tarrerias Bonjean to manufacture these knives. This triptych of excellence - a decorated Michelin star chef, a renowned designer and a cutlery company established in 1648 - gave rise to exceptional collections of efficient knives.