The dinnerware at Guy Savoy’s Restaurant

One of the defining features of Guy Savoy’s restaurant is his incorporation of artists’ and designers’ work to create a unique atmosphere, down to the smallest detail like the dinnerware used to serve his guests. This dinnerware is specially crafted to reflect the cook and the dining room team’s personality.

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Virginia Mo’s plates

This eponymous collection was commissioned by Guy Savoy and designed around the theme of the smile. Virginia Mo made these plates exclusively for the restaurant, where each table is carefully set with them and soon you will be able to dress your own table with them too…

Bernardaud’s dinnerware

Michel Bernardaud stated with an enthusiastic smile, "Porcelain does not show the effects of time, air or water. " Bruno Moretti has added his creativity to the porcelain’s exceptional physical qualities. A wide array of dinnerware was created for serving the dishes at Guy Savoy’s restaurant, including stunning plates that are perforated, three-tiered plates and plates painted with landscapes there is even a cloche decorated with a delicate stem.